Best Greek Mythology Themed Online Casino Games

blog post - 5 Best Online Casino Games With a Greek Mythology Theme

There are thousands of video slots available in online casinos, and you probably have noticed that most of them have recurring themes like Greek Mythology Themed Casino. Software providers develop these games with a target audience in mind, and some themes resonate much better with the players.

Greek mythology, along with animals and classic fruits, is one of the most popular subjects for casino games. One possible reason is intellectual property rights. Gods like Zeus and Poseidon, though extremely well-known, have no owner. They are part of the public domain, so developers do not need to pay licensing rights to use them on their games.

Unlike other characters like Marvel superheroes or TV shows, these mythical figures would not require licensing fees. Greek mythology relies heavily on symbols, and developers easily incorporate these icons in video slots. When players see a thunderbolt or trident, they can quickly associate these symbols with Greek deities. Here are five online casino games that revolve around Greek mythology.

5 Greek Mythology Themed Casino

  1. Treasures of Troy

This IGT creation has five reels and 1,024 paylines, giving players numerous ways to win. The video slot takes inspiration from the infamous Battle of Troy, one of the most well-known stories in Greek mythology.

When players get a winning combination, they will hear the lovely Helen cheering them on. The symbols also include other characters such as Paris, Menelaus, and Achilles. The game has an RTP of 94.93%.

  1. “Hot as Hades” Greek Mythology

You probably think that nobody is crazy enough to create a game based on the God of the Underworld, but Microgaming will prove you wrong. This video slot has 20 paylines.

Players will see famous characters like Medusa and Cerberus in this video slot quest. Other features include Wilds, Scatters, and Super Mode.

  1. Plataea

Software developer WMS had its take on this popular theme with Plataea. Imagine a gladiator’s life in this video slot as you go on an epic adventure to save your woman.

The graphics need some improvement, but you will appreciate the low-limit bets or high stakes when you play inside the Coliseum. Features include Wilds, Shield, and Fireball Respins.

  1. Hercules High & Mighty

This Barcrest creation revolves around the son of Zeus. The video slot has five reels and 50 paylines, giving the players a chance for more winning combinations.

You will recognize well-known characters like Cerberus, Hydra, Pegasus, Hera, and Zeus himself. Adopt Hercules’ strength and bravery to get you through this exciting game.

  1. “Jason and the Golden Fleece” Greek Mythology

Microgaming took on one of the greatest adventures in Greek mythology with this video slot. Join the Argonauts as you make winning combinations in this game.

Players can first practice on the demo version before betting real money. Watch out for exciting features like a shield and shipwreck bonus in your search for the Golden Fleece.

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