Grand Eagle Casino: 325% up to $3,250

  • Website:
  • Established : 2009
  • Contact Support : Email: Support Telephone: 888 595 5835
  • Withdrawal Limit : USD 1,500 per week
  • Currencies: Canadian dollars, Euros, Norwegian kroner, Denmark kroner, US dollars, New Zealand dollars
  • Licences: Curacao
  • Casino Type : Instant Play, Mobile

Grand Eagle Casino Review

Grand Eagle Casino is located near Marietta, Georgia. I have visited this location several times in the last few years and was very upset with the entire process from the beginning. The entire case of gemneye73 that you can read about at the end of this article and more importantly in further depth in additional article recording this casino’s theft is especially disturbing. Gemneye73 believed she’d won a large progressive jackpot at the casino, only to learn that she couldn’t retain the cash due to multiple free promotional chip offers in the prior past.

There are other forms of reward offered at the Casino as well

The above negative review is just one of many that have been recorded on the Grand Eagle Casino website since it first opened its doors. The very name of the casino site itself is very suspicious when you read many of the negative reviews you’re going to uncover. You’ll read things like; “The food is horrible. The drinks are very expensive.” and on. This is just a small sampling of the reviews you’ll find on the actual casino site; as they are absolutely filled with anger and confusion over the entire situation.

Not long ago, I was also having a problem with the Grand Eagle Casino when my husband and I decided to take a few days off of work and travel to the area to try and enjoy some recreational gambling. Once we arrived, we quickly found that all the slot machines were completely empty, which was odd considering the fact that there was a lot of hype from both the local state and the national media regarding this project. We were rather quick to get back inside the casino after a short wait to find that the Grand Eagle Casino was almost fully staffed, which really didn’t help us feel any better about the whole situation.

One of the biggest complaints that players have with the Grand Eagle Casino is that they don’t pay in cash. It’s almost like they are trying to trap new players into the gambling fold by not paying out cash in front. That in and of itself isn’t bad, but it sure isn’t helping the player feel good when they’re walking around the casino trying to pick up their playnings. There are two different types of video pokers offered at the Grand Eagle Casino, which means that players are getting the benefit of not only video poker action, but also the free welcome bonus they get when they sign up for online play at the casino. The free welcome bonus is a nominal $10, which is good value considering that it means you get the most amount of free casino time you could ever hope to get in an online casino.

Now one of the big complaints that players have with the Grand Eagle Casino happens to be the fact that they don’t payout when the player makes their first deposit. In all actuality, the first deposit bonus is a special feature that the gaming company offers to new customers. The reason they do this is to encourage people to stick around the site, as well as giving them the incentive to continue playing after the first deposit bonus has run out. The casino itself isn’t too concerned with whether or not you actually make your first deposit bonus, all they are worried about is that you stay longer than everybody else and make a habit of coming back to.

Grand Eagle Casino after making your first deposit

The problem with this in and of itself is that many of the players that stick around long enough to get that first deposit bonus will then play at pretty much any place that the grand eagle casino has to offer. This means that the benefits of being a long-term customer are lost and it’s easy for those that enjoy playing the slots or roulette to simply abandon the casino in search of more lucrative offers.

What’s the point of signing up for a casino to wager money if you never really see any return on your investment?

Grand Eagle Casino

Luckily, the Grand Eagle Casino has realized this and offers a number of different incentives to keep players interested. These bonuses are designed to keep players happy and loyal to the website even after they’ve made their initial deposit.

One of the most popular forms of reward offered at the Grand Eagle Casino is the progressive jackpots. Players that are just starting out or that aren’t as adept at playing slots will find it quite difficult to break into the progressive slot jackpots.

These players can try their luck for a few months by playing their preferred slot games at the Grand Eagle Casino and then once they have proven themselves worthy of being considered part of the progressive jackpot draw, they can switch their loyalty over to online slots.

By keeping people happy by offering progressive slot jackpots that increase every day, the Grand Eagle Casino can be assured that it will always have enough money to pay the monthly bills that come in.

Including tournament registration bonuses, free spins on a variety of electronic gaming devices, as well as a free bottle of fine wine with any deposit that is made. This all adds up to a casino that not only keeps its players happy but is also willing to go the extra mile to make sure that they are kept happy. It’s easy to see why this casino is so highly regarded among gaming enthusiasts. By offering such a wide range of bonuses and promotions to its customers, the Grand Eagle Casino has truly become one of the best casinos available.

Grand Eagle Casino: 325% up to $3,250

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